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We offer:

  • Reliable Vehicle Transportation
  • All Repairs Explained In Detail
  • Genuine Factory Parts
  • Expert Frame Alignment
  • Detailed Inspection
  • Quality Paint and Color Matching
  • Skilled Technicians

Hablamos Espanol

Nuestro personal estará encantado de poder ayudar a nuestros clientes de habla hispana. Tenemos mas de 20 años de experiencia en el negocio de reparación de hojalatería en toda clase modelos.


California Auto Body insists on quality in every aspect of its repairs. Small details affect the outcome of your repair and your satisfaction with the results. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and repairs include a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.


Here are some of the ways California Auto Body assures customer satisfaction:


  • Reliable vehicle transportation. Simply call your closest location and let us know where to retrieve your vehicle. Our transportation services are familiar to the special towing requirements of luxury and import vehicles.
  • All repairs are explained in detail so you can understand what is being fixed and why.
  • Genuine factory parts. Did you know that factory made parts can make a difference in the way your car looks and performs? Also, genuine factory parts are designed to meet safety specifications in event of another accident.
  • Expert frame alignment. Small imperfections in fame adjustments can create noticeable changes in the way your car drives. California Auto Body invested in a computerized frame straightening system that meets factory specifications.
  • Detailed inspection. Just treating the damaged area can lead to problems later. Technicians a California Auto Body treat the entire panel from edge to edge, and they look for damage to corrosion protection on the inside of panels.
  • Quality paint and color matching. California Auto Body uses paint products from PPG Industries, a leading manufacturer of auto body coatings. After it is applied, paint is baked in a special booth to recreate high gloss and long-lasting finish.
  • Skilled technicians conduct a road test and inspection of your vehicle before it is returned to you.